Day Night Street Light Sensor

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This Day Night Switch Can be connect with Security Lights, Street Lights, Glow sign boards and Hoardings , any electrical device, Parking lot lighting, Shops, garden lighting, passage lighting and doorway lighting etc. and other places for automatic lighting.

Photosensitive switch, day night switch Street Lighting Automation

Automatic Street Light Photocell Sensor

Auto Day/Night On & Off Photocell – Sensor Switch  is an electronic sensor switch that allows a light circuit to be switched on automatically when natural light in evening decreases. As soon as the measured brightness (lux level) drops below a set value, the connecting light is automatically switched on, and when the brightness increases again, it is switched off again.

Auto Day night sensors widely used in street lighting, highways, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks, schools and other places. At dusk and dawn, according to changes in the nature of light can be automatically controlled lights turn on and off, so as to achieve the automatic street light control and energy conservation purposes. It can be easily installed bracket on wood, metal and concrete pole, and can work in any weather conditions.

Twilight sensors  can Saves energy  and electricity
Energy efficient due to automatic functioning
No need to manually switching on and off the light
Automated system: automatically switches the light system on/off.
Comfort & convenient: There is no need to schedule the lighting via a timing device because it will switch on as soon as it gets dark.
Adds safety, security and convenience
Easy to install and durable.

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