PIR Light Motion Sensor 180 Degree

PIR Light Motion Sensor 180 Degree

Functions of PIR Light Motion Sensor 180 Degree:

Can identify day and night:

When it receives the second induction signals after the first induction, it will compute time once more on the basic of the first time-delay rest.

It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 10sec±3sec. The maximum is 7min±2min.


  • Power Source: 220 -240V/AC
  • —Detection Range: 180°
  • —Power Frequency: 50Hz
  • —Working Temperature: -20℃~+40℃
  • —Ambient Light: 3-2000LUX (adjustable)
  • —Working Humidity: <93%RH
  • —Time-Delay: min: 10sec±3sec
  • —Installation Height: 2.2-4m Max: 7min±2min
  • —Power Consumption: 0.45W (work)
  • —Rated Load: 1200W (incandescent lamp) 300W (energy-saving lamp)
  • —Detection Motion Speed: 0.6 ~1.5m/s
  • —Detection Distance: 6m max

PIR Light Motion Sensor 180 Degree
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Features: *Convenient & Practical: The infrared motion sensor is energy-saving automatic lighting switch, it adopts high sensitivity detector, integrate circuit and SMT. With wide detection range made up of up and down, left and right service field. (Horizontal 180°, vertical 60°, Max 12m detecting distance.) *Working Principle: It utilizes human motion infrared rays as control signal sources, when one enters the detection field, it will start the controlled load at once. *Identify Day and Night Automatically: The ambient light of PIR sensor switch could be adjusted according to your desire: when turn to SUN (max), it will work day and night, when turn it to MOON (min), it will only work in the ambient light less than 3LUX. As for adjustment, please refer to testing way. *Time-delay Adjustable: It can be set according to your desire, the minimum is 5sec, the maximum is 10min. *Wide Applications: It’s widely used in intelligent lighting, easy installation on doorways, corridors, elevators, balconies, bathrooms, mirrors, wardrobes, cabinets, warehouses, basements, garages, etc. Specifications: Power Source: 110V~240V/AC (50Hz / 60Hz) Power Consumption: 0.45W (work), 0.1W(static) Rated Load: 1200W (incandescent lamp), 300W (energy-saving lamp) Time-Delay: 5s-10min (adjustable by LUX rotary knob) Ambient Light: 3LUX(night)-2000LUX (adjustable by LUX rotary knob) LUX turn to sun, sensing day&night, LUX turn to moon, sensing only night Detection Distance: 12±2m Detection Range: 180° Detection Moving Speed: 0.6~1.5m/s Installation Height: 1.8m~4.5m Protection Level: IP44 (suitable for outdoor and indoor use) Color: White, Black optional Working Temperature: -20~+40 centigrade Working Humidity: <93%RH

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