Acoustic Movable Partition Wall

Acoustic Movable Partition Wall
Product Structure

1. Top, bottom and corner seals for the function of the seal between the false ceiling & the top of the panel have perfect connections to stop the sound pass through. Layers rubber seal ensure a high and perfect sound insulation performance.

2. Aluminium Profile: 6063-T5, tensile strength≥160MPA, hardness≥50HV, rate of elongation≥8%, Mechanical performance conform with GB5237.1-2004 GB/T6892-2000, Size accuracy conform with GB/T14846-1993

3. Rock Wool: thermal resistance and noise reduction coefficient conform with ASTM standard of USA, excellent fireproof performance comform with GB50222-95 standard.

4. MDF board: density:760kg/m3, percentage of moisture 6.3%, static bending strength≥123MPA, elastic modulus≥2700MPA etc, all comform with GB/T11718-1999.

5. Retractable mechanismrotating square steel: control the movement of the top and bottom seal to form a excellent

Acoustic Movable Partition Wall

Soundproof treament
steel sheet, sound dampening mat, acoustic panel etc.
Base board
9mm plywood/MDF/ HDF//HPL etc.
Surface finish
Bare board, plywood, melamine, fabric, PU, HPL, wood ect./customized
Fire retartdant
Applicable Height
2m to 4.5m
Passing door
Single/double leaf
Panel Configuration:
Coating THK:
um Wesbster Hardness:

2.Keel:1.0mm hot dip
galvanizing steel
3.Rockwool: 55kg/m³
4.Base Board THK:9mm

Movable Partition Wall

As the ultra high version, pattern 125 movable partition wall systems are made up of a series of individual partition panel with ceiling track which make it be able to slide along the track. These movable partition walls on wheels are widely used in hotels, shops, exhibition centers, exhibition center, colleges, clubs, art centers, stadium, sports centers, offices, testing center, bowling centers, schools, conference center, golf clubs, etc.

Structure of Pattern 125 Movable Sound Proof Partition Wall

The nominal thickness of movable partition wall is 120mm.
The movable partition wall panel frames are made of standard construction grade aluminum alloy.
Surface panels are available in 12mm thick MDF board, particle board, gypsum board.
Different soundproof material infill and surface material decide the acoustic performance to meet different STC requirements.


Thickness: 125mm
Width: 700-1200mm
Height: 9000-15000mm
Suspension: Top hang with single or double carrier
Acoustic performance: up to STC 52dB

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