Movable Glass Partition Wall

Movable Glass Partition Wall

Manual sliding wall systems offer you “mobile” flexibility for room partitioning. To open the glass partition walls, the glass elements are simply pushed together and elegantly stacked on the side. If the glass partition walls are not to be opened completely: passage doors in the partition wall system are your solution. This means that your partitioned rooms can be reac  hed separately even when the sliding wall leaves are closed. The passage doors are then user-friendly single- or double-action doors.

Movable Glass Partition Wallmovable office walls

In recent years, glass partition walls have grown in popularity as a high-end choice for offices of every size across the industry board. They are an excellent, high-quality option for creating private spaces within the office environment and offer several significant benefits.

  • High-end, elegant aesthetic: Glass partition wall systems make a great first impression on clients, not only because they give offices a contemporary, open feel, but because of the design quality and look of the product itself. If you want your offices to look sleek, modern and cutting-edge, this is the product for you.
  • Privacy without disrupting the open plan office: Open plan is still the most dominant office layout in many businesses, but there are times when a certain level of privacy is required. Glass partition walls can create private offices for executives, boardrooms and meeting rooms while still keeping a very open feel, perfectly complementing the rest of your office plan.
  • Natural light: One of the greatest benefits of glass office walls is that natural light can travel through the entire space of the office even with the addition of private rooms. This reduces your dependency on artificial lighting throughout the space. Sunlight isn’t just an energy-saving benefit either, it’s a proven mood-booster that has been shown to improve concentration and productivity, as well as reduce headaches and other issues that commonly result from artificial lighting.
  • Cost effective and durable: Glass partition systems are easily installed and custom built to fit your space. They can be easily assembled and there are even systems that can be maneuvered in place to change your office layout as you require it. They can also be moved to your new offices in the event of a relocation.

Contemporary, architectural glass partition wall systems for offices

BE Furniture is a full-service contemporary office furniture supplier, office design and fitment specialist dedicated to delivering a dynamic office space that suits your unique needs. In addition to designing and installing our architectural glass walls for offices, we also offer a wide range of office furniture solutions, from reception desks to ergonomic chairs and value-added environmentally-sensitive products that offer cost-effective and creative solutions.


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