Rolling Shutter Side Motor Somerr-600KG


Rolling Shutter Side Motor Somerr-600KG

Automatic Rolling Shutters are designed for variety of industrial, warehouse loading docks and commercial as well as residential uses. Shutter profile may be Round / Flat/ Perforated / Grill etc. We have 150kg to 600kg shutter motor with push button / remote / mobile integration.

Rolling Shutter Side Motor Somerr-600KG

Features Automatic Roller Shutter Side Motor:

• Powerful, low noise, smooth running and low energy consumption;

• Easy to install, easy to maintenance and superior quality.

• Bracket with anti-drop protection device;

• The stable and reliable brake is with double limit switch protection to prevent door over roll-up;

• Motor is with manual chain, can be operated when power failure or maintenance needed.


  • High security sites
  • Residential car Parks
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Sheds
  • Defence Areas


  • You can open with Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Call Controller Option
  • Fast tag option for car parks
  • RFID fobs Option

Technical Information of Side Motor:

TRM-FAB Industries


Products Accessories of Side motor:

Side Motor Accesories.1jpg min

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