Overhead Sectional Shutter Door


Overhead Sectional Shutter Door


  • application in indoor / outdoor situations up to wind class 5 (> 1.000 Pa)
  • smoke resistant according Sa and S200 (pending)
  • low rail system for installation height from 400 mm
  • high lift or vertical rail system for installation height from 1.500 mm
  • panels in RAL color of choice based on wet painting or wrap foil
  • set of light curtains
  • smoke detector for a stand-alone system
  • key switch, up-stop-down switch
  • liquid barrier with height 300 mm or 500 mm

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Sectional overhead doors are ideally suited to situations where head room may be restricted and there is insufficient space to fit a standard roller shutter box. This type of door slides upwards on side runners which continue onto the roof area in order to maximize the aperture  size when the door is in the open position.

With insulating and sound reducing qualities, our sectional doors lend themselves to a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. A foam core between the inner and outer door panels prevent the transmission of heat or cold, delivering a thermal performance which often exceeds building regulations.

Vision windows can easily be added as per your requirements and the panels are available in a wide range of powder coating coolers to suit your taste.

These high quality overhead doors are extremely robust and constructed to live a long life with little maintenance. In the event that a door panel does incur damage, they are easily swapped out by replacement panels.


Sectional garage door demonstration diagram

The roller shutter garage door can be fitted to nearly every shape of garage opening, either inside, between or in front of the aperture with no internal tracking, giving a door a neat, compact-style operation.

The sectional garage door, however, does require space inside the garage for the horizontal tracks to run, but that’s about all the differences in the basic mechanism and why one may not be suitable when drawing comparisons between the two. Both doors open and close vertically, and the roller door does actually need quite a lot more headroom to accommodate the roll.

So, why is the sectional garage door not considered as an option more often? Both doors can be fitted behind any shape of garage opening after all. The answer seems to be simply down to publicity, price and awareness. The roller garage door is very well promoted in the UK and the sectional garage door, generally, still isn’t. The roller garage door is easy for a salesman or company to price, sell and install, and for buyers to understand without prior knowledge, so in many ways, it is the most basic option to aim for. The sectional garage door should always be considered, however, and in many cases, you can get a lot more garage door for your money.

Commercial Garage Door FAQs | Garage Door Specialsits Inc.

                  Internal view of sectional garage door  Sectional Overhead Garage Door | Residential Garage Doors

                                              Internal view of sectional garage door                                                                  Internal view of sectional garage door 

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