Hydraulic Automatic Security Road Blocker

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Hydraulic Automatic Security Road Blocker

The Security Height Road Blockers has lift height options of 353mm & 533mm, with widths up to 5m.

Road Blockers provide higher levels of security with built in stopping power, and are used extensively for premises such as banks, embassies, bullion depots, cargo parks, ports and lorry parks.

100% duty rating – designed for continuous and frequent use. Power is supplied from a three phase 400V power supply as standard.

The Road Blocker can be interfaced to any access control systems. Traffic Light System included as standard. It is recommended that the Road Blocker’s hydraulic control cabinet is installed within 10metres of the blocker.

  • Lift Height options of 353mm & 533mm
  • Maximum width: 5000mm

Hydraulic Automatic Security Road Blocker

Hydraulic Spike Road blocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Flip Barricade Hydraulic Spike Roadblocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Specifications of Road Blocker:

  • 1. Material: A3 steel ≥20mm thick
  • 2. Intercept width: 5300mm (customizable)
  • 3. Impact level: ≥A2
  • 4. Anti-collision ability: Anti-collision energy: After the lifting column is fully extended, it should be able to withstand a car with a mass of ≥6800kg, a collision speed of ≥80km/h, and a kinetic energy impact of ≥1679kJ After the impact, the product No obvious deformation, and can operate normally
  • ★5. Vehicle intrusion distance (unit is meters) Vehicle intrusion distance: ≤7 meters
  • 6. Lifting performance The main body of the roadblock should be able to lift normally, without jamming, and be reliable in place, and the lifting speed should be greater than or equal to 150mm/s
  • 7. Blocking height and spacing The effective height after the main body of the roadblock is raised should be ≥ 600 mm
  • 8. The main body of the road pile should be treated with anti-rust treatment, and the corrosion resistance level: ≥ 8
  • 9. Protection grade: ≥IP68
  • ★10. Reliability Under normal temperature, the roadblock should be lifted and lowered 5000 times continuously without shutdown and failure, and the lifting and lowering should be flexible and accurate
  • 11. Working temperature: -30℃~+55℃
  • 12. Power supply: 380V (control voltage 24V)
  • 13. The tire puncture is made of high-quality 45 steel, which has both anti-corrosion ability and a certain deterrent effect
  • 14. The emergency release of the manual solenoid valve for power failure is lowered to ensure the passage of emergency vehicles after the power failure
  • 15. Ultra-high-brightness LED lights remind users to pass safely during the lifting of roadblocks
  • 16. Each unit includes 10 meters of tubing, 1 control system, and 2 remote controls
  • Items with “★” are important functional requirements, and a copy of the inspection report of the Ministry of Public Security GA/T1343-2016 “Riot-Proof Lifting Road Barricades” should be provided and stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer (fresh seal)

Flip Barricade Hydraulic Spike Roadblocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Specifications of Hydraulic Station:

  • Power supply: 380 (control voltage 24V)
  • Motor: 3HP*4P three-phase 380V 3.7KW
  • Oil pump (30R gear pump)
  • Lifting electronic valve group, control solenoid valve 24V
  • Oil cylinder (hydraulic cylinder): The hydraulic cylinder is double sealed to ensure the waterproof level. (Imported oil seal)
  • Double-action double-oil manual pump: 2.3ml-12.5ml/time, 63mpa
  • Standard fuel tank 60L standard fuel tank
  • Fuel tank accessories (hydraulic pipe fittings): standard PT gong pattern interface (imperial) / high pressure pipe, 1/2 double-layer steel wire high pressure pipe is wear-resistant and high-pressure resistant.
  • Hydraulic one-piece outer box, comes with shutters for ventilation and hand-held handles (can be placed indoors and outdoors, rust-proof and paint). Appearance and process rationality have been greatly improved
  • The staff can send commands through the remote control and buttons to make the hydraulic device rise and fall quickly (the hydraulic system is based on the principle of double-acting and dual-oil circuits, and the oil is returned and discharged quickly), so as to control the lane closure and release, and effectively prevent the vehicle from forcibly punching the card.
  • With emergency function: power failure or circuit failure, the roadblock machine can be raised and lowered manually.
  • The main hydraulic components are brand suppliers, which greatly reduces the frequency of failures (for example, functions such as valve protection, oil leakage, and service life are guaranteed).

Control System Specifications:

  • Leakage switch: 380V/32A
  • AC contactor: 380V/32A

Road Blocker Installation Sites:

Flip Barricade Hydraulic Spike Roadblocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Flip Barricade Hydraulic Spike Roadblocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Flip Barricade Hydraulic Spike Roadblocker Traffic Road Blocker Barrier Machine for Security Check

Road blocker body

The hydraulic road blocker machine is mainly composed of turn swivel or lifting body,housing base(anti-collision spike can be added according to your client`s requirement). The machine is made of steel,16mm international standard A3 carbon steel and the channel steel welded together,which has a high strength of bearing load and anti-collision. There is no electrical appliances and line setup inside the base housing. It is anti-proof and safe. The device is embedded in the driveway or the specified location of the gate.The personnel on duty will control the road blocker to limit the vehicle access

Hydraulic pump unit(HPU)

Hydraulic station composed of oil tank, the manual oil pump, a full range of hydraulic solenoid valve group, the high power motor, oil pump,oil cylinder,oil gauge, high pressure hydraulic oil pipe and so on. It is the power source of a full set of road blocker system.The station is installed at the side of road blocker and work together with the road blocker( Can adjust the up and down speed through control valve).When power outrage, you can manually drop the blocker down and rise the blocker up.

Electronic control system

Automatic electronic control system parts: PLC control board,leakage switch, no exposure to noise high life contactor and other precise time-starting device( prevent the impact of the oil cylinder in place after movement and increase the service life of it)
Automatic controller: control box, remote controller,manual button. Those are controlled by the personnel on duty.


  • Strong and durable structure, high load bearing, movement smooth, low noise, fast speed, long service life.
  • Adopting PLC control, system operation is stable and performance is reliable., easy to integrate
  • Supporting the gang control with parking barrier or other equipment. It can also work with other access control system to make it automatical control
  • Adopting the advanced hydraulic drive technology. The whole system is high security, reliability, and stability.
  • Manual hydraulic system meet the requirement of fire management (optional)
    In the case of power failure or malfunction, if a road blocker in a rising state need to drop down, you can close the rising road blocker drop-leaf back to horizontal position by hand through the hydraulic pump and let the vehicle access.
    In the case of power failure or malfunction, if a road blocker in closing state need to rise up, you can rise up it by hand through the hydraulic pump and prevent the vehicle access forcibly.
  • Automatic hydraulic system
    Remote control device: Through wireless remote control, it can control the rising and falling of road blocker within the scope of 30meters around the controller.
    Manual button device: the manual switch button in the security room control the rising and falling of the corresponding road blocker.
  • According to the user requirement, we can add following functions:
    Card-swiping control: add card reader. It can control the rising and falling of the road blocker automatically by swiping card.
    Parking barrier and road blocker gang control: add parking barrier/ access control system to realize the gang control function of parking barrier, access control system and road blocker,
    Connection with computer management system or charging system: Controlled by a computer after connected with a management system and charging system.
  • Convenient to maintain: when of structural failure or machine maintenance, you can loose the screw on the cover and take off the 16mm cover plate for corresponding operation.


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