Hydraulic Automatic Dock Leveler


Hydraulic Automatic Dock Leveler
The Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler, with automatic return to dock feature, compensates for uneven heights between the truck bed and the loading dock. This Hydraulic Loading Dock Leveler series automatically returns to the loading dock with auto recycle.

Hydraulic Automatic Dock Leveler
Hydraulic Dock Leveler, Automatic Dock Leveler, Warehouse Dock Lift, Loading  Dock Leveler Manufactur by thilakavathi - Issuu

Dock leveler from foundation pit to installation process
Dock Leveler, Pit Leveler - LGLIFT

hydraulic dock leveler is structurally designed for the most demanding applications with easy push button convenience for smooth, consistent operation plus outstanding toughness and dependability in your most challenging dock operations. McGuire offers a hydraulic dock leveler to meet any of your dock equipment needs while providing low lifetime ownership costs and years of trouble free service with the industry’s best built-in safety. They are most often mounted in a pre-formed pit at the dock commonly used to reduce the grade between the dock floor and the trailer bed. Various sizes and capacities allow for a large amount of flexibility. Hydraulic levelers have added safety features and save time in operation and maintenance.

The H Series comes in 6’, 6’6” & 7’ standard widths and 6’, 8’ & 10’ standard lengths with 12’ and other lengths available. Standard capacities for the “H” Series are 45K, 55K, 75K and 100K CIR (Comparative Industry Rating).


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