Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter


Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter

Automatic Heavy Duty Industrial Shutter 

Heavy Duty Industrial Automatic Rolling Shutter

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors - MD Doors & Gates, Staffordshire

Heavy Duty Industrial Automatic Rolling Shutter

Product Description

With the sole intention of offering safety and endurance for your business, we design, manufacture, and distribute top notch heavy rolling shutters. The one- of-a-kind product is built with galvanized and powder coated heavy steel and can be customized as per your business demands and is best suited for factories, manufacturing, warehouses, industries, construction and any commercial properties. With over 30 years of mastery in this field, we have diligently catered quality industrial roller shutters for many noteworthy businesses across the globe and are acclaimed as the best automatic roller shutters manufacturers.

Features: –
Ease of Use :
With a clean design and self-lubricating mechanisms, our industrial roller shutters are easy-to-install and operate and require little maintenance. They are designed to swiftly making them a perfect choice for dynamic environments

Smooth and Soundless Operation:
With heavy-duty motors installed to our automatic rolling shutters, you can save yourself from the hassle of hauling and dragging the heavy shutters and seamlessly operate them with a simple push button fixated on the shutters.

The Ultimate Size:
With a size as wide as 12000mm (W) x 7000mm (Ht.), you can secure a wider horizon of your premises. If you need larger sizes, we are available on the first call to ensure that you get the customized shutters delivered to you.

Heavy Duty Slat:
To give you an additional layer of security against the harshest weather or any other calamities, our heavy rolling shutters are built with top-quality galvanized steel slates ranging from 0.8mm, 1.00mm & 1.2mm in thickness

Highest Degree of Security
We use superior quality heavy gauge galvanized steel for the shutters to keep your woes at bay and offer you a high level of security for your business.

Weather Resistant
Our heavy rolling shutters are built with wind locks, guides, and bottom bars and powder coated to withstand any harsh weather. They are durable and rust-free and the shutters last long for a minimum of 10 – 15 years

Fully Capable Team
We are a fully capable team of more than 200 battle-tested engineers and workers working day in and day out to meet our clients and their industry demands. We use cutting-edge technologies to roll out a minimum of 6000 shutters per month.
Motor Operation
In order to ensure a smooth and soundless operation of the shutters, we manufacture motors with a built-in gearbox, thermal protector, and highly efficient torque. The built-in speed governor in the motors salvages from any kind of free falls.

Push Button Control

With a single tap push button, shutters can be operated and locked seamlessly. The outer cover of the push button box is built with weatherproof NEMA-rated stainless steel.

Why do custmers entrust us?

·        Trusted by 500+ global customers

·        30+ years of unparalleled services in 32 countries

·        Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Dubai, Singapore, and India

·        Incredible round-the-clock customer support (24/7)

·        Unbeatable quality with guaranteed rust-free products

·        Battle-tested team of engineers and industry experts

·        BS (British Standard), UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and ISO 9001:2008 certified company

Our professional team can guide you through picking up the right model for your business and can work hand in hand in installing and maintaining the shutters.
Connect with our expert team and get a free consultation today!
Additional Information

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