Automatic Swing Gate Opener NICE 3m

Automatic Swing Gate Opener NICE 3m.

1. Battery Backup Option: Yes.
2. BlueBus: Yes.
3. IP Rating: 44.
4. Max Gate Leaf Length: 3.0m.
5. Max Gate Weight: 500kg.
6. Max Speed: 1.6cm.
7. Motor Voltage: 24Vdc.
8. Solar Power Option: Yes.
9. Work Cycle: 95.

Automatic Swing Gate Opener NICE 3m.

New third generation models: quality and durability thanks to the housing, made up of two tough aluminium shells with polyester paint finish; more resistant to atmospheric agents.

24Vdc version with magnetic encoder. Perfect for intensive use, compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC824H, equipped with BlueBUS, and provision for operation with the systems Solemyo and Opera.

The kit contains:

  • TO4024 two irreversible electromechanical gear motors, 24Vdc with magnetic encoder, mechanical stop in the opening
  • ON2E two transmitters 433.92 MHz, 2 channels
  • MC824H control unit for two motors, with 24Vdc encoder
  • EPMB pair of outdoor photocells designed for connection via Nice BlueBUS
  • OXIBD receiver up to 4channels with connector,bidirectional, without built-in transmitter.
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