Automatic Swing Door opener

Automatic-Swing-Door-opener (1)
Automatic Swing Door Opener

1. Type of product: Swing door operator
2. Door leaves: 1 leaf
3. Operator height: 90
4. Power assist: No
5. Fire door approval: Yes
6. Low energy: No
7. Battery back-up: Yes
8. Operating temperature: -15 to +50°C

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Automatic swing door openers are devices designed to automate the operation of swing doors, providing convenience, accessibility, and sometimes enhanced security. These devices are commonly used in various settings, including commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and residential spaces. Here’s an overview of key features and considerations for automatic swing door openers:

  1. Motion Sensors: Many automatic swing door openers are equipped with motion sensors to detect the presence of individuals approaching the door. This allows for hands-free operation, promoting convenience and hygiene.
  2. Push Buttons and Remote Controls: Users can often activate automatic swing door openers through push buttons or remote controls. This flexibility in activation methods caters to different user preferences and accessibility needs.
  3. Adjustable Opening and Closing Speeds: The opening and closing speeds of the doors can usually be adjusted to meet specific requirements. This feature is essential for accommodating various user preferences, optimizing energy efficiency, and ensuring safety.
  4. Manual Operation: In the event of a power failure or for manual override purposes, many automatic swing door openers include a manual operation mode. This allows doors to be opened and closed manually when necessary.
  5. Obstruction Sensors: To enhance safety, automatic swing door openers often incorporate sensors that detect obstructions in the door’s path. If an obstruction is detected during closing, the door will stop and, in some cases, reverse to prevent injuries or damage.
  6. Battery Backup: Some models come with a battery backup system, ensuring that the door can continue to operate during power outages. This is particularly important for maintaining accessibility and security.
  7. Integration with Access Control Systems: Advanced automatic swing door openers can be integrated with access control systems, allowing for enhanced security features such as keycard access or biometric authentication.
  8. Low Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient models optimize power usage, contributing to sustainability and reducing operational costs over time.
  9. Quiet Operation: Well-designed automatic swing door openers operate quietly to avoid causing disruptions in quiet environments.

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