Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 4000kg


Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 4000kg

Brand: NICE
Model: Run4000
Made in Italy

1. IP Rating: 44
2. Max Gate Weight: 4000kg.
3. Max Speed: 17cm/sec.
4. Motor Voltage: 400Vac.
5. Work Cycle: 200.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 4000kg

Nice Tub TUB4000 400Vac sliding gate motor is ideal for industrial use. For sliding gates weighing up to 4000 kg. Irreversible electromechanical 400Vac gear motor with built-in Mindy A500 control unit.

Powerful: 550W absorbed output and a peak thrust of over 400 Nm.

Functionality and safety: programmable, electronic brake which prevents gate inertia; self-ventilated motor to increase the working cycles; optional PIU card to increase the basic functions; possibility of slowdown.

Maximum durability and silence: bronze and metal gears.

Advanced: Tub meets all requirements in terms of control, thanks to the functions which can be selected by means of dipswitches.

Practical: the lever release enables safe and simple operation. Ventilated motor to increase work cycle efficiency.

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