Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 2500kg


Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 2500kg

Brand: NICE
Model: Run2500
Made in Italy

1. IP Rating: 44.
2. Max Gate Weight: 2500kg.
3. Max Speed: 17cm/sec.
4. Motor Voltage:230Vac.
5. Work Cycle: 42.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener NICE 2500kg

Versions with with inductive limit switch (RUN2500P) or electromechanical limit switch (RUN2500).

Electromechanical gear motor with Nice BlueBUS technology. Ventilated motors are suitable to operate in extreme conditions, in systems for intensive use.

Compatible for operation with Solemyo and Opera systems.

Simple to install: the BlueBUS system enables connections by means of just two wires between the control unit and up to 15 control safety and signalling devices.

Safe: the acceleration settings (at the start of the manoeuvre) and the deceleration settings (at the end of the manoeuvre) are precise and reliable.

The temperature sensor: Run is able to manage force, adapting it to the different climatic and environmental conditions, while adapting the thermal cut-out protection
and intensity of self-ventilation, depending on the temperature reading.

master/slave selection also automatically synchronises 2 motors, enabling the automation of sliding gates with two opposing leafs.

Practical and functional: the control unit, housed inside Run, can be simply connected by means of the practical connector guide.

Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.

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