Automatic Sliding Gate Motor Somerr 2500KG

Automatic Sliding Gate Motor OSSDEN 2500KG

Feature of OSSDEN 2500KG 

1. Overheating protector

2. Smooth operation, Easy installation.

3. Transmission structure of turbine and turbine rod.

4. Manual clutch when power failure.

Automatic Sliding Gate Motor 2500KG

Product Description

Automatic Sliding gate opener Sliding gate Motor 2500kg
1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener


Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

Max. Gate Weight 2500KG
Motor Voltage AC230V 50Hz(AC120V 60Hz)
Working System S4-25%
Running Time 10 min
Functions 1.Soft start and soft stop   2.Resistance stop

3.Overloead protection      4.Infrared protection

5.Reserve power

Limit switch Spring/magnetic (NC/NO)
Application Residential, commercial, and courtyard
Dimension 270*155*315mm
Gate Moving Speed 12m/min
Operating Temperature -45ºC ~ +65ºC
Standard Configuration 1*motor,1*control panel,2*manual Override Keys ,remotes,fixing hardware
Optional Accessories Alarm lamp, mounting plate, wireless keypad, wireless wall button, etc
Certificates CE,CCC


Detailed Photos

Product Details

1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener

Product Features

Product Features

 A. Brushless waterproof motor:High-speed pure copper core powerful motor.More stable operation and super mute.
 B. Control chip:Multi-function wiring port,multi-speed adjustment,resistance adjustment, door closing delay adjustment,Super large transformer,more convenient functions.
 C. The ultra-quiet system:provides a long operating life with minimum maintenance requirement.
 D. Install infrared sensor:By installing an infrared anti-induction device,if the door opener deters an obstacle within the monitoring range during the closing process, the door opener stops closing and opens immediately.
 E. Equipped with manual release key :in case of power outage or when you lose your remote.
 F. It can be used on 230V/110V/24V.


Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories
1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener

Installation Instructions

1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener

It can be installed on various stainless steel doors, iron art doors, copper art doors and solid wood doors.
Typical application includes residential, commercial, and courtyard. 

Installation Overview
1000-2500kg Sliding Gate Opener Kit Sliding Electric Gate Opener

Installation instructions
There is usually an operation button box set beside the door, which can open, stop and close the door body by controlling the
buttons above the button box.And it can stop itself when the door body runs to the set position.

Sliding gate motor can be used in the market a variety of existing translation doors. The product is designed to be suitable for any residential or commercial premises, such as a light load garden gate or a heavy load factory gate. The convenient way to open the door is popular with the public.

Power 201-300 KW
Phase single
Speed >14000 RPM
Voltage 230/24v
  • The sliding door opener adopts pure copper motor, which has slow heating, high safety and long service life.
  • Motor idling protection, the default single running time is 2 minutes, and it will stop after 2 minutes.
  • Motor temperature protection, when the temperature is too high, the motor will automatically cut off the power supply.
  • Anti‑shock stroke design, after door body reaches stroke, the motor can only work by pressing button in the opposite direction.
  • The motor is equipped with door opening and closing limiters. When door body reaches limit position, the motor stops working.
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