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An automatic door, also known as an auto door, is a door that opens automatically, without the need for human intervention or usually upon sensing the approach of a person. A person can be detected by microwave pulses, infrared sensors , or pressure-sensing pads.


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Prime 100

  • Door weight max.: 1x155kg, 2x145kg
  • Door Width: 500-1200 mm
  • Opening speed: 100-600 mm/s
  • Closing speed: 120-500 mm/s
  • Hold open time: 0~9 s
  • Motor: 24V 60/100W brush-less DC
  • Ambient temperature: -20℃~+60℃
  • Voltage: AC 200~250V 50/60Hz

    Optimize Your Entryway with Automatic Sliding Doors

    Are you looking to enhance your space’s functionality and aesthetics while ensuring convenience and security? Automatic sliding doors are the perfect solution. At [Your Company Name], we offer state-of-the-art automatic sliding doors that bring a touch of modernity to any environment.

    The Benefits of Automatic Sliding Doors

    1. Convenience and Accessibility:

    • Our automatic sliding doors provide hands-free access, making them ideal for people with limited mobility.
    • They open and close smoothly, reducing the effort needed to operate them.

    2. Space Efficiency:

    • Automatic sliding doors are an excellent choice for spaces with limited room to accommodate traditional swinging doors. They save valuable floor space.

    3. Stylish Design:

    • Our doors come in a variety of finishes and styles, allowing you to match your interior decor. They add a touch of elegance to any setting.

    4. Safety and Security:

    • Equipped with advanced sensors, our automatic sliding doors detect obstructions and prevent accidents.
    • They can be integrated with security systems for added protection.

    5. Customization:

    • We understand that each space is unique. That’s why we offer a range of customization options to meet your specific needs and preferences.

    Applications of Automatic Sliding Doors

    Our automatic sliding doors find applications in various settings:

    • Residential: Upgrade your home with modern convenience and security.
    • Commercial: Create a welcoming and professional entryway for your customers and employees.
    • Healthcare: Ensure easy access for patients, visitors, and staff while maintaining hygiene standards.
    • Retail: Attract more customers with a stylish and convenient entrance.
    • Hospitality: Make a lasting impression on your guests from the moment they arrive.

    Why Choose Prime Automation 

    • Reliability: Our doors are built to last, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.
    • Energy Efficiency: Save on energy costs with doors that minimize heat and cooling loss.
    • Service Excellence: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with installation, maintenance, and support.
    • Eco-Friendly: We are committed to sustainability and use eco-friendly materials and practices.

    Upgrade your space with the innovation and convenience of automatic sliding doors from Prime Automation. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demonstration.

     Automatic Sliding Door

    Discover the Convenience of Automatic Sliding Doors

    Are you tired of struggling with heavy doors or dealing with manual entryways? Experience a seamless transition to a more modern and efficient solution with automatic sliding doors. At [Your Company Name], we offer a wide range of automatic sliding doors designed to enhance accessibility, convenience, and security.

    Our automatic sliding doors are perfect for a variety of settings, from commercial and healthcare facilities to residential homes. They provide hands-free access, making them ideal for those with mobility challenges, and their stylish design complements any interior.

    Upgrade your entryways with our innovative automatic sliding doors and enjoy a future where entering and exiting your space becomes a breeze. Contact us today for more information and expert advice.

    Automatic Sliding Door Closer

    Effortless Closing with Automatic Sliding Door Closers

    Tired of manually closing doors behind you? Automatic sliding door closers offer a simple solution. At Prime Automation , we provide state-of-the-art automatic sliding door closers designed to improve convenience and security.

    Our door closers ensure that your doors close smoothly and securely without the need for manual effort. Whether you’re in a commercial space, a healthcare facility, or even at home, our door closers can make your life easier.

    Discover the benefits of automatic door closers and enjoy the convenience of hands-free closing. Contact us for more information on our products and installation services.

     Automatic Sliding Door Price in Bangladesh

    Affordable Automatic Sliding Door Solutions in Bangladesh

    Are you in the market for automatic sliding doors in Bangladesh? Wondering about the cost? Look no further. At Prime Automation , we offer competitive prices for high-quality automatic sliding doors tailored to your specific needs.

    Our automatic sliding doors are designed to provide accessibility, security, and modern aesthetics while fitting your budget. We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

    Contact us for a quote on automatic sliding door prices in Bangladesh and take the first step towards upgrading your space with our innovative door solutions.

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