Automatic Remote Control Universal


Automatic Remote Control Universal

Please Pay Attention to These Pre-Sale Notice:

Before you order: pls confirm that this remote control is a replacement one, not the original one. Your remote control system need to appears in our compatibility list, and the unit has one of these 5 colors learn button: Yellow or Red or Orange or Purple or Green learn button, or the remote will not work.


433MHZ Copy Remote Controller Metal Clone Remotes Auto New R2E6 Copy V0A6 |  eBay

PURPLE Learn Button:
LiftMaster : 398LM, 378LM, 377LM, 376LM, 374LM, 373LM, 372LM, 371LM, 370LM, 365LM, 355LM, 377LMC, 374LMC, 373LMC, 372LMC, 371LMC, 373W, 373P.
Chamberlain: 940D, 950D, 953D, 956D, 940CD, 950CD, 953CD, 956CD, 41A6318.
Sears Craftsman: 139.18191, 139.18192, 139.53752, 139.53753, 139.53754.
AccessMaster: 371AC , 373AC , 377LG
Raynor: 371RGD , 372RGD , 373RGD , 373PRGD , 377LG

YELLOW Learn Button:
LiftMaster :891LM, 893LM
Chamberlain: 953EV, 953ESTD, myQ950ESTD.

GREEN Learn Button:
LiftMaster : 81LM, 82LM, 83LM, 84LM
Chamberlain: 850CB, 853CB, 856CB
Sears Craftsman: 139. 53879, 139.53859, 139.53707, 139.53870, 139.53779, 139.53800 and 139.53637SRT, HBW1136.

RED or ORANGE Learn Button:
LiftMaster :91LM, 92LM, 94LM, 96LM, 970LM, 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 973W, 974LM
Chamberlain: 950CB, 953CB, 956CB
Sears Craftsman: 139.53680, 139.53681, 139.53684, 00953680000, 00953681000.
Raynor: 971RGD

– If you are not sure, pls let us know, we will deal with it in time!


c. At last, choose to press any remote button 1 time to confirm, except the one you have pressed above. (For example, if you have choose to pressed A remote button in the above step 1 b, in this step, you only can press B or C or D remote button to confirm.)

At this point, the pre-programming of the remote control is complete, and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Use the programmed remote control to sync your garage door opener
d. Press and release the learn button on your garage door opener. The learn indicator light will blinks steadily for 30 seconds. e. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the remote control button you wish to used, and release it until the light on your garage door opener is flash or you hear 2 clicks. (If programming to other products, press the button a second time to activate the product) f. Test it by pressing the remote control button, the door will open or close.

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