Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer

Secure Access with Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer”

Introducing our Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer, the ultimate solution for controlled access and enhanced security. This system provides a robust defense against unauthorized entry, ensuring one-way traffic flow with its strategically designed spike mechanism. Upgrade your access control with this advanced barrier for a safer and more secure environment. Choose peace of mind, choose Automatic One Way Road Barrier Spike Tyre Killer for controlled and effective access management.

What is Tyre Killers?

Tyre Killer is an electro hydraulically operated heavy-duty spike barrier that is raised above ground level upon receiving an appropriate input signal and therefore prevents illegal intrusions into entry and exit points of high security areas. This Traffic Flow Plate Spike Barrier is a top-quality sturdy steel barrier that can handle vehicles that are of any size and volume. It can be used with a semi-permanent or permanent vehicle barrier that allows you to regulate vehicle movements within an area on the roadway. After the vehicle has passed the area, the teeth will return to their active position, which provides complete security against any intruders from the wrong side.

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What Are the Types of Tyre Killers?

  • Tyre killer Defender
  • Tyre spikes Round Spikes
  • Tyre spikes Arm Spikes
  • Tyre spikes Flat Spikes
  • Tyre spikes Triangle Spikes

 Why You Should Install Tyre Killers at Your Parking Lot?

Tyre killers are basically spike barriers that operate on the principles of hydraulics. These are especially useful in places which demand high security and round-the-clock surveillance. Tyre killers are usually put at entrance & exit points of a property and are made up of heavy duty spikes that rise from the ground.

Advantages of automatic tyre killer

An automatic tyre killer is especially a useful addition after the exit points of a parking lot. Consider a scenario where a thief breaks into a car parked at a parking lot. Now the thief doesn’t have the parking receipt which one needs to show to the exit booth employee in order to leave the premises. In such a situation, the thief will try to smash the automatic boom barrier and if successful, will be able to leave the property with the stolen car. However, if the parking lot owner has automatic tyre killer installed after the exit point, the employee can simply press the button as soon as the thief crosses the exit point which will immediately raise the spike barriers and (a) make the thief stop the car before it reaches the tyre killer or (b) slash the car tyres if the thief doesn’t stop and thus, preventing the theft of the vehicle.

What is Tyre Killer | Top Tyre Killer Manufacturers 2023

Best Tyre Killer Provider Company in Bangladesh ?

  • Prime Automation
Best Hydraulic tyre killer price in Bangladesh 2022

Automatic tyre killer price ranged start from Call : 01888 000 530  depends on automaton system, Quality of materials and quantity of spike tyre killer.

Who are the best supplier, Importer and installer for Tyre Killer in Bangladesh?

Prime Automation is the best supplier, importer and Top parking management companies for Tyre Killer system with many years of experience.  Are you looking for a reliable automatic Tyre Killer provider company? Germany Computer and Telecom Limited offer you spike tyre killer for all purposes. We are dedicatedly Importer, Supplier and Wholesaler spike tyre killer system that commonly used in Airport, Universities, Shopping Centers, Train Stations, Bus Stations and Transit Hubs etc.


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