Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensor

Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensor Product description

Description: Sensor beam can be widely used for the security detection of automatic door system.

Safety beam function:
Microprocessed active infrared
Single or double Microcells available
Sensor head can be separated from shielded wire at the plugs for easy installation.
Available with short or long cables
Low power consumption
12V-24V AC/DC Universal power input.
Safety beam technical specification:
Supply power: AC/DC 12-36V
Static current: 25mA
Action current: 40mA
The maximum transmit distance: 10m
NO or NC: contact Done by NO./NC contact selection
Beam: Single beam or double beam
Working Environment temperature: -42°C- 45°C
Working environment humidity: 10-90%RH
Appearance dimensions( controller): 123(L)x50(W)x32(H)mm
Appearance dimensions(Magic eye head): 19(L)x13(D)

Automatic Door Safety Beam Sensor

power supply AC/DC 12V~30V
Quiescent Current 18mA
Operating current 58mA
Maximum sending and receiving distance 10M
Output node normally open normally closed Skip selection
External wiring launch line Blue 5.5M
Acceptance line Black 5.5M
Number of beams Single beam or double beam optional
Working temperature -42℃~45℃
Working environment humidity 10~90%RH
Dimensions (main controller) 105.5×53.4×28.5mm
Appearance size (electric eye head) 19x13mm

Safety Beam SensorSafety Beam SensorSafety Beam SensorSafety Beam SensorSafety Beam Sensor

Safety Beam Sensor for Automatic Sliding Door Operator
Model No. Quantity/Carton Net Weight Gross Weight Carton Size
M-218 20 PC 3.6 KG 4.65 KG 36x15x33 CM


Product Description


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